Our programs are designed to get the best out of your best and brightest. We want to help them shine and in turn they will help your organisation thrive. We start by identifying the crossover between your subject matter expert's passion and the value proposition of the business. We then leverage that in a way that lights up your people, and produces concrete measurable results for the business. Everybody wins.

Full Business-Wide Transformation into a Thought Leading Enterprise 

Whole Business, 1000-Day Program

Not for the faint-of-heart, this business-wide, full sweep is designed as the key strategic agenda for your organisation. This is for the organisation that needs to undertake a complete overhaul or upgrade, and is ready to do so. This is a not a program of work to be taken lightly. In short, Full Business-Wide Transformation is about driving work worth doing, leaders worth following and ultimately creating a high-performance culture worth belonging to.


Key benefit

Driving work worth doing, leaders worth following and ultimately creating a high-performance culture worth belonging to.

Developing a Team of Thought Leaders

Small Group, 10-20 People

When you want to make Thought Leadership a key part of your business strategy then it’s time to get serious and enterprise it in a significant way. You select a 'dream team' of subject matter experts in your business.  We help them capture, package and deliver what they know in a way that advances your brand and at the same time drives organisational growth, market position and competitive advantage.

The programs deliverables are created by the participants during the program.  These can include:

  • Presentation at industry conference and events.
  • Development of white papers and articles.
  • Internal and or external TED-style conference event.
  • Digital collateral which could include blog post, newsletters and videos.
  • A book with each of your Thought Leaders contributing a chapter.

Key benefit

The identification and development of Thought Leadership within the organisation and a structured, accountable framework for making it a real phenomenon in the business that drives sales and employee engagement.

Mentoring Individual Thought Leaders in Your Business 

Private One-On-One

Often the easiest thing a company can do to activate Thought Leadership in their business is to pick one or two key employees and start their Thought Leadership journey immediately. This is best done 1-on-1 in a private setting. Diary scheduling becomes easier as the Thought Leaders Advantage mentor and the Thought Leader from your business work just-in-time, only on the things they need to, and as a result are able to deploy effective and rapid thought leadership initiatives into your business and market place. 

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Key benefit

Rapid deployment of Thought Leadership initiatives.