The Thought Leaders Advantage is about capitalising on the Thought Leaders in your organisation – whatever level they are at.

It is about expecting more of your people. It’s about moving them beyond their functions and roles and hitching who they are and what they know to your business' competitive advantage.


It’s not uncommon that many of your best and brightest are under-utilised, bored and all too often on the way out.

We want to move these people beyond their functions and roles and turn them into the gurus of your industry. Have them develop their thinking to a world-class level, writing and publishing articles, white papers (and perhaps even a book), speaking at conferences and educating your clients and prospects about what they know. 

We take the subject matter experts in your company, raise their professional profile and make them Thought Leaders across your industry.

Developing the thought leaders in your business has a few angles:

  • It’s another weapon in the war for talent. By developing and nurturing your best and brightest to shine and helping them be inspired by the company they keep you get to retain, develop and over time attract other top performers.
  • It’s a major strategic move in the ongoing battle for attention. It addresses the impact slip of traditional B2B marketing and gives you a phenomenal step change in the market place. 
  • It’s a key innovation initiative in the race to the future. As we step into a further disrupted world we need leading thinkers managing the complexities of change and setting direction from within our organisations. These leaders battle the status quo and set, through their applied thought leadership, the missing link between strategy and execution.